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Laser Cut Steel

AS-9100 by February, 2025

At Machine Craft, we envision a small quantity shop that has certifications and documents in place to ensure customers that our products will meet their unique and challenging specifications. AS-9100 certification is essential for us as we cast this bold new vision. We're working closely with independent consultants to meet these goals by February, 2025. Here's how we think these changes to our company will impact our customers. For further info, please contact us today using our online form.


Project Planning

Our company will undergo gap analysis to help us improve our delivery timing, project management, and overall quality of parts. We believe that better standards benefit everyone around us, including our employees and customers.


Employee Training

With higher standards and certifications like AS-9100 in mind, we know that our employees must be trained exceptionally well. That's why we're improving training company wide, so that we may pass our craft on to future generations.


Management Systems

A company is only as good as its systems. That's why we're doing everything we can do build better, manufacturing methods with on-time delivery, environmental impact, and overall consistency in mind.

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